"Craig Parkinson successfully managed numerous hydrogeological engineering projects for Tahoe City Public Utility District. He designed, installed, and tested several high-capacity municipal water wells that helped us convert from surface water to groundwater for public supply. I strongly recommend Craig L. Parkinson, RG for your water resources, engineering, construction, and geology projects."

Robert A. Lourey
General Manager and Director of Engineering
Tahoe City Public Utility District

"I used Craig Parkinson's hydrogeologic expertise for several years in support of our District's water system. He conducted groundwater feasibility studies, a hydrologic water supply analysis, designed and installed wells, and provided assistance with updating our Master Plan. Craig completed his projects on time and on budget. That's the bottom line."

Jim Lochridge
Manager of Utilities and Roadways

Northstar Community Services District
Truckee, California

"Craig Parkinson has provided professional hydrologic services for several years to identify groundwater resources in Squaw Valley. He conducted hydrology and hydrogeology investigations, groundwater feasibility studies, and water quality evaluations of surface water and groundwater in the Valley. I look forward to working with Craig on future projects."

Rick Lierman
General Manager
Squaw Valley Public Services District
Olympic Valley, California

I have known Mr. Craig L. Parkinson for over 15 years on both a personal and professional level, and I highly recommend his services.  He has extensive professional experience in mineral development and mining operations, environmental regulatory compliance, and water resources.  Mr. Parkinson's skills enabled American Bonanza to proceed with our projects on schedule and within budget.  His professional ethics and work product are exemplary.  More importantly, Craig's track record of success is a testament to his congenial personality and ability to work well with other members of the project team.  I have been in the mineral mining industry for 25 years and look forward to working with Craig Parkinson in the future.

Brian P. Kirwin
President & CEO
American Bonanza Gold Corp.

“I absolutely recommend Craig L. Parkinson, RG for your mining projects.  His knowledge of geology, environmental regulations, and hydrogeology has enabled our projects to run smoothly and on schedule.  He served as an Independent Qualified Person for Alliance Mining on our projects in Arizona, and I strongly recommend his expertise.”

Jan Charles Ross
Alliance Mining Services, Inc.
Kamloops  British Columbia

"Craig L. Parkinson carried out numerous minerals exploration programs for American Copper and Nickel Company, a subsidiary of The International Nickel Company, in a highly effective manner for more than three years. He displayed good judgement and initiative in his dealings with regulatory agencies and private contractors. It was rewarding professionally and personally to work with him. I strongly recommend Craig Parkinson's services."

Peter H. Kirwin
Registered Geologist
Littleton, Colorado

"Craig Parkinson demonstrated a high level of professional expertise during the performance of limerock mineral property valuations he conducted on several large timber tracts for Foley Timber & Land Company. His knowledge and professional conduct were exceptional. I highly recommend Craig's services for your geologic projects."

John E. Morris
Vice President
Foley Timber & Land Company
Perry, Florida

"I worked with Craig Parkinson for over two years at Texas Industries, and Craig is an experienced Exploration Geologist. Craig managed the Exploration Department at multiple locations to identify and delineate additional reserves of stone, sand, gravel, and cement throughout the southern half of the United States."

Stephen England
Manager of Mined Land
Texas Industries, Inc.
Dallas, Texas

"Craig Parkinson provided exceptional geologic services while conducting mineral property valuations of a limerock quarry and cement operation in Florida, a granite quarry in Georgia, and stone exploration in North Carolina. Craig is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with, and I recommend his experience and expertise for your mining projects."

Brian Schreiber
Chief Financial Officer
Anderson Columbia Company, Inc.
Lake City, Florida

"Craig Parkinson provided Martin Stone Quarries superior professional geologic consulting services as he conducted a mining property valuation of our two stone quarries. I recommend Craig for your mineral property valuations."

Rod Martin
Vice President
Martin Stone Quarries, Inc.
Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania

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