Craig L. Parkinson, PG, CHG specializes in geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, groundwater and surface water resource supply, environmental compliance, mineral resources evaluations, mining operations, project management, and government agency regulatory compliance and review.

Hydrogeology and Water Resources
Engineering Geology
Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Mineral Resource Evaluations
Drilling Management and Supervision
Mining Operations


Professional expertise and experience in geologic evaluations and consultancy throughout the United States.

Geologic mapping and investigations
Field assessments and reconnaissance
Property evaluations
Photogeologic, imagery, and topograghic analyses
Three-dimensional structural interpretations
Core and rock-chip logging
Sample collection and data analysis
Geochemical and geophysical data interpretations
Management of remote sensing studies
Project design and management


Successfully planning, evaluating, and managing long-term groundwater and surface water supplies for public and private use.

Sustainable groundwater management planning
Groundwater and surface water conjunctive use
Groundwater sustainability studies
Aquifer performance pumping tests and analysis
Management of bore-hole geophysical surveys
Surface-water and groundwater basin investigations
Water quality sample collection and data analysis
Groundwater exploration, planning, and management
Photogeologic and topographic terrain analysis
Well site selection and production well design
Well installation planning and management
Well maintenance and rehabilitation


Providing engineering geology expertise for diverse applications such as water resources investigations and data analysis, water supply development and production wells, construction projects, mining operations, and public works.

Slope stability studies
Rock and soil classification
Geologic mapping and investigations
Field assessments and reconnaissance
Landslide mitigations
Geologic hazard assessments
Photogeologic and terrain analysis
Three-dimensional structural analysis
Borehole drilling program design and management
Core, rock, and soil sample logging
Sample collection and data analysis
Project design and management


Professional experience and expertise for environmental regulatory compliance as mandated by Federal, State, County, and City agencies.

Site characterization
Regulatory compliance
Permitting assistance
Environmental liability assessments
Surface water and groundwater quality analysis
Groundwater monitoring well system design
Hydrologic and hydrogeologic evaluations
Feasibility studies


Extensive experience in minerals and metals resource evaluations as required for property development, acquisitions and mergers, mine expansion, mining engineering plans, and site construction planning.

Stone, aggregates, industrial minerals, precious metals, base metals
Property resource and reserve calculations
Third-party reviews and assessments
Lease and purchase negotiations/consultancy
Groundwater and surface water quality and quantity


Successful in designing, supervising, and managing borehole drilling programs for installation of water wells and monitoring wells, mining operations, and construction engineering projects.

Design and management of exploratory drilling programs
Core, rock-chip, and water sample collection
Geologic and hydrogeologic logging
Subsurface data analysis and evaluation


Specializing in aggregates, crushed stone, sand and gravel, cement and ready-mix concrete production, industrial minerals, clay, silica sand, gypsum, limestone, agricultural dolomite, decorative rock, dimension stone, precious metals and base metals

Mine Planning- Open-pit mines and surface pits
Environmental regulatory compliance
Mineral resource and reserve calculations
Project design and management
Geologic mapping and structural control investigations
Field assessments and reconnaissance
Land availability evaluations
Product specification analysis and applications
Feasibility studies and property acquisitions
Photogeologic and terrain analysis
Three-dimensional structural analysis
Drilling program design and management
Project design and management
Surface water and groundwater quality analysis
Production wells and dewatering wells
Core and rock-chip logging analysis and interpretation
Sample collection and data analysis
Geochemical and geophysical data interpretations
Management of remote sensing studies
Mining, extraction, processing, and sales
Lease and purchase negotiations/consultancy

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