Craig L. Parkinson, PG, CHG has over 30 years of practical professional experience working on geology, hydrogeology, and engineering geology projects in complex terrain. While employed with previous firms, Craig Parkinson has assisted public and private corporations, engineering firms, mining companies, municipal utility districts, and other governmental agencies identify geologic and hydrologic controls to natural resources, groundwater and surface water resource availability, water quality and water supply logistics, and land surface stability engineering applications.


Texas Industries, Texas
Managed the exploration department of the Corporate Reserves Group for the parent company and their subsidiaries. Performed geologic investigations of various stone, sand, gravel, lime, clay, and cement properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and California. Conducted a business evaluation of the exploration department, and subsequently transformed the department from a cost center to a profit center. Provided geologic expertise to aggregate, clay, and cement operations to increase production and expand market penetration opportunities.


Tahoe City Public Utility District, California
Project manager responsible for hydrogeologic services on numerous public water supply projects on the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe. Services included groundwater development feasibility studies, well site selection, aquifer performance pumping tests, water quality analysis, well design and installation, and well maintenance/rehabilitation. Evaluated groundwater and surface water supplies to determine the maximum potential safe yield of municipal wells.

City of Susanville, California
Project manager for hydrogeological investigation and review of existing well design. Evaluated the well hydraulics and radius of influence by pumping the high-capacity municipal well and observing the effect on adjacent wells and springs.

Public Resource Associates, Nevada
Project manager for a hydrologic analysis of the Walker River Basin to assess the hydraulic characteristics of surface water and groundwater. Conducted aquifer pumping tests to evaluate the feasibility of pumping groundwater to supplement the flow to Walker Lake. Constructed a groundwater simulation model using computer modeling to evaluate the hydraulics and interconnection of irrigation wells pumping more than 3000 gallons per minute.

Washoe County Utility Division, Nevada
Project manager for a water resource feasibility study to evaluate the potential for groundwater development in the Reno area. Services included field reconnaissance, aerial photograph review, fracture trace analysis, hydraulic assessment of groundwater flow through fractured bedrock, water quality and pumping test data analysis, and preparation of a comprehensive final report.


Caltrans (Calif. Dept. of Transportation), California
Project-site engineering geologist to provide Caltrans with geotechnical analysis and recommendations for mitigation of landslides and future slope stability failures along 20 miles of State Highway 50. Performed geotechnical-geologic investigation and analyzed slope stability of extensive landslides, existing unstable slopes, and steep terrain. Mapped the location of landslides, faults, and fractures and prepared detailed project summary reports. Presented results, conclusions, and recommendations to mitigate current landslides and future land subsidence


Buckskin Operation, Nevada
Conducted a hydrogeologic investigation of a precious metals milling and refining operation in western Nevada to delineate the extent of a chlorine and cyanide contamination plume emanating from a leaking tailings impoundment. Collected water samples, evaluated water quality geochemical analyses, and reviewed various environmental regulatory reports to assist in updating the operating permits and maintaining remediation compliance.


Foley Timber & Land Company, Florida
Property valuation and feasibility study of a timber property in northern Florida that contained economically minable limerock reserves. Evaluated core drilling and material test results to calculate the reserves of material meeting Florida DOT specifications and construct a long-term mining plan. The property valuation was used for income tax and marketing purposes

Anderson Columbia Company, Florida
Conducted a property valuation of a limerock mining operation in an environmentally sensitive area in north-central Florida. Evaluated the mining permits to confirm regulatory compliance. Designed and supervised a core-drilling exploration program to calculate the quantity of reserves versus resources of limerock. Geologically logged the limerock core and selected appropriate samples for material quality analysis as per Florida DOT specifications. Conducted similar property valuations for bank financing for a proposed cement production plant in Florida and a proposed granite mine in Georgia.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company, Pennsylvania
Property valuations of crushed stone, sand, and gravel mining operations in western New York State. Services included environmental compliance assessments, geologic investigations, evaluation of laboratory test results as per New York DOT specifications, market research, and assessment of future production and acquisition opportunities. The property valuations were used for acquisition and financing purposes.


Central Arizona Project, Arizona
Coordinated an exploration core-drilling program to determine the thickness and quality of sand and gravel reserves available for potential construction aggregate mining. Supervised roto-sonic drilling through unconsolidated sand, gravel, and boulders within the Agua Fria River. The drilling results were used by the Central Arizona Project for condemnation purposes.

City of Phoenix, Arizona
Managed an exploration core-drilling program to determine the thickness, quality, and potential reserves of sand and gravel available for construction aggregate mining. Supervised roto-sonic drilling through unconsolidated sand, gravel, and boulders within the Salt River. The drilling and geology results were used by the City of Phoenix for condemnation purposes.


American Copper & Nickel Company, Nevada
Managed and conducted geologic mapping, geochemical sampling, and geophysical surveys to define the extent of anomalous gold mineralization at several exploration target areas in Nevada. Designed and supervised reverse circulation drilling to develop a model of hydrothermal alteration and gold mineralization. Evaluated the economic feasibility of mining the gold deposits, and coordinated subsequent reclamation activities.

Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel, Arkansas
Evaluated the geologic characteristic of a crushed-stone quarry operation that was subject to condemnation proceedings for potential use as a hydro-pumpback power-generating facility. Determined the stone was unique material for use as an anti-skid surface on federal and state highways. Conducted extensive detailed multi-phase reserve projections, mineral property valuations, and prepared a long-term mining plan.

Battle Mountain Gold Company, Nevada
Managed and supervised various gold exploration and development activities in Nevada and Colorado. Coordinated exploratory borehole drilling operations including conventional rotary, reverse circulation, air track, and core drilling. Managed the geologic and hydrogeologic investigation of a proposed open-pit gold mine, and coordinated the construction of access roads and drilling sites. Performed rock-chip and core logging, prepared geologic cross sections and plan maps, and analyzed geophysical and geochemical data to define sites for additional drilling.

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